TMNT Cards: Mean (Intermediate) vs Advanced

AN Explanation of the 2 different side of the custom TMNT score cards

TMNT Pro “Mean” Side

Menu Detail
  • “Mean” = Intermediate. (on other cards, I use an “intro” on the left card).
  • Comes in 2 sizes: Standard and XL
  • Updated info with Neutrino Pizza Party section.
  • Visual info for Lair, April, and 2X multiplier targets.
left side
right side

“Mean” Version (for Beginners and Intermediate players)

Mean left card (Prem/LE ver. shown)

Intermediate versions are meant for anyone not familiar with the game to find info such as what the Pizza Eating Contest is and how to get a jackpot in multiball. It still has lots of crib notes for anyone who knows the game as well.

“System-J’s Pizzeria Menu” comes with info on the Ninja Pizza Ingredients HUD (top right of LCD) to help anyone understand how to control your bonuses going into Ninja Pizza Multiball (NPMB).

! Comes in both Standard size and XL.

Mean Menu side card (Prem/LE ver. shown)

TMNT Prem/LE: Advance Side

Left Side Detail
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Prem/LE ver. has Glider and Mushrooms info.
  • New Advanced ver. with Team Up Multiball perks
  • All cards with natively cleaner graphics than my older version
  • Updated info taking the latest code changes into account.
  • Click below to see more info and how to get a set of these puppies:
left side
right side

Advanced Version

Advanced Side left card

The Advanced side I was able to reduce the language heavy instructions for players who already know the basics.

< The Training Level bonuses past level 1 are easier to read
< April “events” bonuses crib notes
> Menu card has TUMB perks instead of HUD explanation

! Comes in both Standard size and XL.

Advanced Menu card

Key Differences

Mean left card



Advance right card
Mean Menu card
Mean Right card

Left Card:
– Mean has info on alternate game modes (VS, Co-Op, Half-Shell Challenge)
-Advanced has larger text for Level Up perks
-Mean has Pizza Eating Contest info (and arrow pointing to Action Button)
-Advanced has April Hurry-Up starting event values
-Mean has more info to help beginners understand basics and intermediate understand things like how the Multiball Jackpots work
-Advanced has reduced language (assuming that the reader knows the basics) and more info on modes like TUMB.

Right “Menu” card:
-Mean has info on the Pizza Toppings heads-up-display (seen on the top right of the LCD screen of your game) and how to start the Ninja Pizza Multiball.
-Advanced has info on what perks you get in Team Up Multiball (starts after 4 episodes) from successfully completing Episode modes.