Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast — Updated Rule Cards v2.0


Replace your Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast apron cards to make full use of your 2 card slots for updated rule info and scoring references.

Double Sided!: Comes with Intro and Advanced Version (2 cards total, 4 designs). Just flip it!
-Intro side has larger font and is a bit more focused on fundamental of the code.
-Advanced side is more of a crib notes for shot sequences and info such as how to get add-a-balls, and expanded info on Tomb Treasures and Soul Shards.

Prem/LE has dedicated left card with references specific to the Prem/LE features such as the scoop under the center jump ramp.

Standard Size: 140mm x 77mm (approx.)

QR code on second card that links to a dedicated Jurassic Park page with links, strategy, and selected videos.

IMDN PREM/LE set (Scroll down for PRO links):
$16 USD (+$2.75 S&H ($4.75 International))

**NEW XL sized cards now available in Premium/LE Advanced. Please MSG ME if you are interested. Pinside listing to come. SEE TMNT XL to see examples of how it looks on the apron (scroll down).


Prem Intro side: Showing Prem/LE version on Premium model; pre-final printing, some changes made, see other images for Pro example.

Two different versions of the left card allows you to choose how much info and references you prefer. Just flip it!

Two different versions of the right card slot to take advantage of your underutilized second card slot:
-Intro Right Card: Insert Color Guide which is a rough guide to help new new players understand which shots to prioritize. Intro side also has a shortened Modes info for quick reference such as which ones are multiballs.
-Advance Right Card: More emphasis on mode shot sequences and info such as how to Add-a-ball in each multiball.

Pro set of cards has a dedicated Pro left card with written references dedicated to the different Pro features such as Modes started at the Bullseye.

Standard Size: 140mm x 77mm (approx.)

$16 USD (+$2.75 S&H ($4.75 International))

Other Links:

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Stern) Tactics Page
(This is the same page the QR on your cards will send you too).

Release notes:
v2.0 released: April 2024