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Tiltforums Rulesheet (in-depth open source guide)
Stern’s official Jurassic Perks guide (PDF).
TWIP Quick Rules

Pinside Pro Prem LE LE30
Kineticist Info Deep Dive
IPDB Pro Prem. LE

Info I couldn’t find space on the cards for (lots of stuff, this game is DEEP!):


Extra Balls:


-6 Recues then collect at right ramp
-6 DNA Combos
-Capture T-Rex
-Smart Missile Award (after +5 Rescues award chosen, Extra Ball can be chosen the next time Smart Missile is activated.)
-Complete Fossil Set #2
-5th Super Supply Drop

Supply Drop (Mystery Award):
-First Supply Drop of T-Rex and Raptor Multiball is an Add-a-Ball

CHAOS Multiball:
-Add-a-ball from Pop Bumper hits (increases after each Add-a-ball).

Amber Value:
Carries over entire game.

Extra Clarification of what the Smart Missile is (if you don’t know how to start it):
The “Smart Missile” isn’t that smart. Well, I guess that’s arguable, but it’s not ‘smart’ like the Data East Smart Missile (and others) where hitting the button spots all lit shots. Instead, when the ball is held (in the left inlane), you choose what award you want to attempt with the action button, then you have to hit the Amber Target through the narrow lane between the truck captive ball and the left post of the right ramp. This then triggers the bonus that you selected. The Smart Missiles are lit from Rescues.


Amber Frenzies
Starts a Super Features (Super Targets, Super Ramps, etc.) with the Amber Value used.

2X Timer: When lit (but not started yet), supply drops add time for your next 2X Timer.

Tutorial Vids

Bowens! from PAPA
Keith Elwin explaining the rules in-depth. 2:55-46:00 . Gameplay after. Early code but the foundation of the code hasn’t changed. On the Dead Flip channel.
Tutorial from Powerhouse Pinball
Tutorial from RansomPinball

Gameplay Videos

*Spoilers: End Game*
A very entertaining Walt Wood playing and talking though the game. A good watch after you’ve acquainted yourself with the basic rules.
Escher Lefkoff beating JP in 1h10min. *Spoilers: End Game*
Gameplay on early code with staff from Stern including Keith Elwin. 49:00-2:45:34 From Dead Flip.
Eric Stone from Batcave Pinball. Playthrough and Talk through. *Spoilers: End Game* Note: Great video to see how a great player uses the upper flipper to avoid the ball going out of control.

General Pinball Skills

If you want to reach a new level of pinball play: Watch Abe’s videos on pinball techniques and practice them:

more to come…

Tournament Strategy

Tournament Settings

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