Godzilla Tactics Page

Tilt Forums Rulesheet Best place to get full rules (open source)
Godzilla Pinball Tutorial from Noah Crable on Kineticist. Very well written and easy to follow guide.
Godzilla Pinball is attacking Pinball Land Quick intro to Godzilla layout and beginner goals.
Stern Official Rulesheet (from Stern’s GZ Homepage)

How to score a billion on Godzilla… and more! from Beyndstng. In-depth Pinside forum page with lots of info and videos.

Pintips Pro
Pinside GZ-Pro, GZ-Prem, Gz-LE, Owners Club Forum
IPDB GZ-Pro, Gz-Prem, GZ-LE

Info I couldn’t fit on the cards (but wish I could of)

Intro side

Bridge: “Switch Hits and MG for Multiball @ Right Ramp” = After a number of switch hits (anything including each spin of the spinners) the Magna-Grab (MB) is lit to attack the Bridge; after 4 hits to the bridge hit “Bridge Out” on either ramp. (Right Ramp error fixed on V2.3 cards)

Trains: Trains also lit from reverse building.

Maser Cannon (Target on left side): Light with Pop Bumber rollover (right of) or hitting the maser cannon when not lit multiple times. Mystery Award.
See Mystery Award section in Tiltforums GZ Rulesheet for details and Award list.

Anguirus: will add-a-ball with the action button with any multiball.
Godzilla MB: Green Mecha targets then right spinner (with grace time).

Advanced side

Godzilla Multiball jackpot sequence: Hit 6 Jackpots, then building for Super Jackpot (needed to qualify Monster Zero). (added on v2.3 cards)
See Tiltforums Rulesheet Godzilla Multiball section for full info.

Mechagodzilla multiball jackpot sequence: Ramps and building lit for Jackpots; Hit 3 jackpots and target bank to light Super Jackpot; Tail Whip and Right Spinner lit for Super Jackpot for 20 seconds (Required for Terror of Mechagodzilla). (added on v2.3 cards (but couldn’t fit the the Super Jackpot is Timed for 20 seconds. ))
See Tiltforums Rulesheet Mechagozilla Multiball section for full info.

Trains: Hit left lane when lit. Lit by Scoop, ‘attack building’ @ Captive ball or Reverse building. 2 mil+ for each train. Awards: 3, 20, 40, 50, etc Trains: +2 to GZ power up. Alternated with points and lighting Super Jackpots.
See Tiltforums GZ Rulesheet Train section for detailed info.

Planet X: 1. Powerline Targets > Middle spinner
2. Tanks > Maser Cannon
3. 5 Magna-grab > Right Ramp
4. Yellow shots
5. 20sec Scoop Hurry-up.
See Tiltforums GZ Rulesheet PlanetX section for details.

Tutorial Videos

Godzilla v1.0 code release stream from Dead Flip
In-Depth Introduction to GZ from Gonzo’s Pinball Flipperama
Early code (v0.85) but still very useful for understanding the rules for medium level players. (And a great player to watch).
Jim Mank Godzilla tutorial (2+ hours of tutorial, tips, and gameplay)
from Chrome Candy.
Another great video from IE PINBALL. For understanding Carnage Bonus.

Newbie Quick Strategy

-Hit 2 ramps then the scoop to start a battle.
-Damage building to 0% integrity, then hit the building to start the Godzilla Multiball (Prem/LE you need to lock 3 balls in the building to start).
-Ramps count for damage to upper floors of building.
-If you are not close to a Multiball you may want to choose a safe battle like Gigan (ramps). This can also help you get closer to Godzilla Multiball with each ramp shot.
-If you are close to a Multiball, Titanasaurus and Ebira can me more lucrative Battles than Gigan (also ramp can be harder in multiball as the other balls often get in the way. See Intermediate Strategy section for a great video on the Gigan Strategy). Start the battle, then focus on starting the multiball.

The Kineticist Strategy Guide below gives a great overview of shots and what they do:

It’s very well written (from a much better player than I) and presented along with having tons of little tips aimed at the average pinball player. Great illustrations too for getting to know the shot lingo of GZ.

General Pinball Skills

If you want to reach a new level of pinball play: Watch Abe’s videos on pinball techniques and practice them:

Note: Godzilla is not a great game to learn post pass on though as the geometry makes it harder than most to do. But there’s lots of other skills that Abe shows that can increase your pinball skills exponentially.

Intermediate Strategy

The Gigan Strategy that I touched on in the Newbie Strategy section is explained very well here:

Gigan Strategy from The Pinball Company

The Gigan strategy is just one way, but a very popular one for good reason. Hitting the ramps is the safe since successful shots come back to your flipper; the ramps will count for hits on Gigan and damage to the upper floors of the building which will help set up your next Battle with a multiball. But you may need to change your strategy based on how the machine is playing though. For instance, a lot of Godzilla’s can be tough to make the left ramp.–if this is the case I’d avoid Gigan (and maybe even Megalon). Without hitting the ramps you can still focus on simpler things like the Godzilla and MechaGZ multiballs without stacking and still get a good score. One of the first things I do when approaching a GZ I haven’t played is to try hitting the ramps. The difficulty (sometimes it’s just that you might not be ‘feeling the shots’) should help you make a decision on your gameplan for the rest of the game. That said, if you are finding the ramps tough to hit on a GZ, you’re likely going to have a tough game. Ebirah is a fun choice to pick as an alternate, especially for working towards Bridge Attack MB, but hitting the spinners is way more risky than a ramps.

But returning to the Gigan strategy, following the events of The Pinball Company video (above), your Tier 2 Kaiju Battle will be lit–actually, even if you just do 50% damage to your 2nd Battle, the Tier 2 should be lit. The Tier 2 monsters have a lot of potential for points and progress.

Tier 2 Battles:

Either of the King Ghidorah Battles seem to be the higher value modes of the 3 choices. Both are single ball modes and have a ‘fight or flee’ options as you go (similar to Metallica modes). See the advanced (ADV) side of the score cards for reference on the respective Fight or Flee shots.

The Megalon & Gigan mode is a 2 ball mode. It seems more useful if you are playing for progress more than just points since Jackpot shots also advance your Power Ups. For an example of the gameplay watch the GOAT do it himself. Power Ups don’t seem to have too much immediate score attached to them, but are prerequisites to modes like Monster Zero and Terror of Mechagodzilla (both need Level 4 or 8 to start).

Gameplay Videos

German only, but great gameplay and technique video even if you can’t Spreken.
2020 Stern Pro Circuit Championship Game 14 (Earlier Code but great for seeing how the big boys play this in a high stakes game)
Escher Lefkoff beating GZ (1:57:00 to 2:45:15) (2:07:00-ish: some fancy tap-passing).

Tournament Strategy

coming soon…

Tournament Settings

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