Black Knight: Sword of Rage Tactics Page


TILT forums BKSOR Rulesheet – Best place for full rules (open-sourced).
Kinestict BKSOR info and some sweet flyer images.
Pintips Prem/LE (seems to be for all versions though)
Brief beginners guide from Pinball for Mortals.

Pinside ProPremLE – info and pics
Pinside Forum Owners Club
IPDB ProLE info and pics

Basic Tips and Info that couldn’t fit on the Cards:

Intro Cards:

On the left side of the LCD display there is 6 icons showing the Super Feature options.
Grayed out = Not Active.
Coloured = Active.

When feature is hit (orbits, lanes, etc.), a value will flash over the icon.

(Under Construction) Advanced Cards:
(U/C note: Add more info/clarification for Monster Battle value increase.)
-add info on super features. full progress, -colour upgrades.
-magna save Super Jackpot
-See below “Features and Explanations for more ways to use the Advanced side cards.

Tutorial videos:

“Black Knight Sword Of Rage Pinball Casual Game With Walk-through” from Deadflip
Tutorial on Prem/LE
Tutorial and Gameplay stream on Prem/LE

General Pinball Skills

If you want to reach a new level of pinball play: Watch Abe’s videos on pinball techniques and practice them:

Note: Godzilla is not a great game to learn post pass on though as the geometry makes it harder than most to do.

Gameplay Videos:

Crazy good game from a foul-mouthed Weather Man from Batcave Pinball
Caution: some effin’ and jeffin’

Tournament Strategy

coming soon…

Extra Videos:

Stern Promo (Steve Richie playing the whitewood!) Stern Promo
For Scott Ian fans out there.